dreamstime_xxl_15624182If you’re an athletic trainer, your first priority is the athletes in your care. You tend to their injuries, make sure they’re eating healthy, and evaluate their performance on a daily basis. If they’re not moving correctly, or seem to be favoring an arm or a leg, it can be cause for concern. While traditional therapy can be effective, their injury might be more serious than first thought, and other methods may be more effective. At Greater Austin Regenerative Medicine & Wellness, we can provide bone marrow aspiration and stem cell therapy that can help an injured athlete heal and get back to the game they love.

Combining Stem Cell and Traditional Therapy

As a trainer, you do your homework on every therapy and treatment modality. We know that stem cell therapy is still a relatively new procedure, and there’s much left to learn about the process. By combining aspiration and injections with traditional therapy, you may be able to begin rehabbing an injured athlete sooner rather than later. Stem cell treatment uses the body’s own regenerative cells to heal injuries such as torn ligaments, and if healing is given a jumpstart, the athlete may be able to begin physical therapy sooner than was first thought. It could also remove the need for invasive surgery, which can sideline an athlete for weeks or months.

At our Austin clinic, we’re always excited to meet new people and learn how our treatments can benefit them. If you’re a trainer for professional athletes and want to know more about stem cell therapy, please contact us right away.

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