November is nearly over, and with Thanksgiving tomorrow, that means 2017 isn’t too far away. You’re probably gearing up for a busy holiday season, but you may also be thinking about what you would like to do in the New Year. While you’re not one for making resolutions, there are things you want to do and accomplish in 2017. However, if an injury is slowing you down now, what state will your body be in once January arrives? At Greater Austin Regenerative Medicine & Wellness, we want to help your body heal so you can be ready for whatever you want to do. With our stem cell therapy, you can promote healing from within, giving your tendons and ligaments a better chance of mending properly.


Take a Vacation

It might seem a bit unusual, but taking a vacation at the beginning of year (besides to see family and travel for the holidays) can be just the thing to start your year off right. You might get away on your own, or you and your spouse may plan a two- or three-day trip to one of your favorite destinations. However, if you’re battling knee or shoulder pain, it can be difficult to enjoy the activities vacation can offer. We can develop a treatment plan that will get you ready for wherever it is you want to go.


Beat Your Personal Best

If you’re a runner, you’re most likely always trying to beat your personal best in terms of time or mileage. Hip and knee pain can put a real damper on improving your time and distance, and if you have plans to run in your first marathon in 2017, you need to know that your body won’t let you down. Our stem cell injections can give your body the boost it needs to heal and allow you to keep training once the calendar turns over.


Start a New Career

A new year can bring about quite a bit of change, and you may be thinking about starting a new career or opening your new business. This can require a lot of time and energy, and you don’t need a nagging injury delaying your plans. You might be working out of your home or searching for a vacant office space, and if you’re battling chronic hand or ankle pain, it can be a challenge to get your website up and running or hit the pavement to find the perfect storefront.

Stem cell therapy has the ability to give your body the resources it needs to heal and function properly. What’s amazing about our treatment is that the regenerative cells are already in your body! They only need to be gathered and concentrated to give them the potency to heal an injured shoulder, knee, hip, or other body part. If you have grand plans for the New Year, don’t let pain and immobility be negative influences on your drive and ambition. Schedule an appointment with our clinic today and we’ll discover the best path to accomplishing what you want to do.

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