dreamstime_xxl_49167333Professional athletes are required to put in hours and hours of training in order to be the very best at their sport. Their bodies go through a rigorous routine, and they often work with a personal trainer or their team’s physician to determine the best way to recover and repair their muscles after a particularly intense workout. They want to be ready for gameday or their next competition, but if they’ve injured something, they won’t be at 100 percent or able to give it their all. At Greater Austin Regenerative Medicine & Wellness, we offer stem cell therapy that can help athletes of all levels recover from injury and get back to training.

Getting Back From Injury Faster

Even if you’re not a pro athlete, you may still be dedicated to completing a marathon for the first time, or taking part in an Ironman® competition. Those events will require you to be in peak physical shape, but if you hurt your knee or tweak your hip during training, that will put you that much further behind in terms of being prepared. With stem cell therapy through bone marrow aspiration, we can help your body begin the healing process faster than it would have with normal physical therapy or surgery. Surgery would have definitely put a damper on your ability to compete, since an invasive procedure will require a few weeks to a few months worth of recovery time. We want to help you get back from injury faster, no matter if you’re a weekend warrior or a college football player.

If you’re preparing for a big game, or you’re trying to keep your body in tip-top shape for regular competition, contact Greater Austin today to learn more about stem cell therapy and the benefits it can offer.

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