There is legitimate peer-reviewed science supporting the use of bone marrow-derived autologous stem cells for treatment of soft tissue degeneration in both orthopedics and spine care.

Your bone marrow is a reservoir for regenerative cells that have the potential to repair and regenerate damaged tissue. We can help this process along by simply obtaining, concentrating, and relocating these cells.

Bone marrow aspiration is simple and safe. The oncology world has given bone marrow aspiration a bad reputation for being very painful.

Bone Marrow Aspiration Austin


  • Aspiration takes about five minutes in any setting
  • Aspiration is frequently done using only local anesthetic
  • Aspiration is frequently performed with imaging guidance for increased safety
  • Aspiration volumes are small (i.e. 60ml = 2 ounces = “2 shot glasses”)
  • Pain at the aspiration site is typically very mild and can be treated with an ice pack
  • Aspirated marrow regenerates itself in about nine days
  • Bone marrow aspiration does not weaken your bone or immune system

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