Shoulder injuries can be common among athletes, especially those who compete in contact sports. Quarterbacks are constantly throwing the football, and they can take serious hits to their shoulders. Baseball pitchers are also constantly throwing, and issues such as rotator cuff injuries and impingement syndrome can greatly affect their ability to play. At Greater Austin Regenerative Medicine & Wellness, we’ve worked with many athletes who were suffering from serious shoulder injuries, and our stem cell injections could help relieve your pain and discomfort.

Shoulder Problems

Discovering the Source

When looking at shoulder injuries, it’s important to discover the source of the issue so the proper injection site can be chosen. With a tendon or cartilage injury, stem cells could help avoid the need for surgery, and regenerative cells gathered from your own bone marrow should help your body heal naturally. With a condition such as impingement syndrome, which can affect pitchers, swimmers, and anyone who uses their arms during competition, the connective tissue is rubbing on the shoulder blade, causing pain. By finding the source, we can inject the stem cells and let them go to work on reducing inflammation and repairing any damage.

If your shoulders have been bothering you for some time, or you have been unable to play due to a limited range of mobility in your arms, please come see us right away. We’ll walk you through the aspiration and injection process, and help you feel at ease before we proceed with any treatment. We look forward to hearing from you very soon.